Omnes Healthcare

About Omnes Healthcare

NHS general practice is the envy of the world. It is highly personal and provides strong levels of continuity of care.

Patients value their services very highly and it is our dream to build on these strong foundations and help secure a fair, equitable, inclusive and user friendly primary care system that can withstand political and social change.

The challenges are plentiful and we recognise that primary care does not exist in isolation and that all pillars of the NHS share a responsibility for providing a seamless, high quality service against a backdrop of fiscal constraint.

New organisations are entering the primary care arena threatening to replace more traditional providers. The pace of change is sometimes breathtaking.

We believe in NHS primary care that is fit for the future, where GPs and PCTs form lasting, mutual, respectful relationships which are in the best interest of our patients.

We are a family of NHS professionals who feel passionate about the NHS, but we also feel the need to adapt to the new environment without forgetting our own roots.

We pride ourselves on being innovative, on being able to ‘think outside the box’ and provide high quality, affordable solutions to the NHS.

Above all, we shall never forget what really matters most: looking after our patients and looking after our staff!

Healthy solutions for a healthier nation.